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Inform your future by documenting your present.

How you spend your time says a lot about you. Keeper is a log of your daily activities—from extracurriculars, to classes, to your dreams and interests—that helps point you in the right direction.


When you keep track of your goals, it’s amazing what can happen. Record the awards and honors you’ve received, goals you’ve hit, and big moments you’ve celebrated along the way. Reflect on the hard work, and notice where you’ve invested your energy. Put your ambitions in motion and watch your path reveal itself.

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Map your mind to shed light on your dreams. Gain awareness by logging your thoughts and feelings, and return to them often to learn about yourself and make smart choices about where you’re headed. Because what you think is at least as important as what you do.

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All the things you pursue on your own time are just as important as school-related activities. Keep track of your hobbies, vacations, new skills, and social engagements (maybe start tracking your screen time, too). Start to notice how your interests play out and make connections to future possibilities.

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Clubs, sports, and organizations can be a formative part of self-development. Turn your school-related leadership and participation experiences into college and career potentialities.

Life Events

Life happens—and it’s all relevant. Whether you and your family experience joy or loss, an injury or a big victory, keep a log to remind yourself of everything that’s gotten you to this point.


Reflect on your favorite (and least favorite) classes, teachers, and projects. Gain insight into the type of school or career path that would be the best fit for your learning and engagement style.

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When you’re here, you own your data. The information you share is kept completely private and secure, while adding value to you, and you only.

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