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It takes a village.

When time and resources are limited, your job can feel isolating. Make deeper connections in and outside the classroom so you have the support you need to be impactful.

Classroom Connector

A private community, built for learning. Share and access all of the resources you create. Create assignments and view student scores and progress. Engage with students in a virtual group setting. Essentially, feel like you’re in the classroom even when you can’t be.

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Community Connector

Learn, share, and grow together. These publicly available conversations allow you to not only learn from your peers, but also from communities you’re not part of. Get answers, discover what’s new, and stay in the know.

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Conversation Connector

Connect with others in private as you plan and coordinate together. Whether you’re an advisor and a student, or a teacher and a parent. Keep your conversations organized alongside your activities.

Meeting Connector

Connect with others in a video call where you can mark up a virtual whiteboard as you sketch out ideas. All of your meetings are saved in your timeline so you can refer to them at any time.

Network Connector

Meet, converse with, and learn from others in your field. Join or follow any and every type of group you share a common interest with. Talk in private or discuss in public, so others can learn from your group.

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Become is for everyone. If you’re a part of the school ecosystem, you’re welcome here.

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