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Manager for Teachers

Outsource your admin work.

Do more of the work that moves the needle. Streamline all of your administrative tasks, and free yourself to be the teacher they need.

Student Manager

Spend more time helping your students succeed, and less time managing your classroom. Easily monitor progress and assignment scores. Get the information you need to deliver guidance that’s custom fit. Learn about your students strengths and weaknesses, so you know the best time to step in.

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Curriculum Manager

Ensure you’re covering all the required materials in the classroom. Get insight into how students are performing as they work through the curriculum. Learn which areas need improvement, and where to focus your support.

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Feedback Manager

Capture your observations about students and other teachers. Some assessments are publicly available so others can learn from it, but sensitive information remains private. Your feedback helps everyone learn how they can become their best.

Schedule Manager

Choose a time that works for everyone. Keep students on top of their schedules—the appointment shows up in your timelines so nobody misses the next session.

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