Our Values

What we stand for.

Helping you find fulfillment is a responsibility we treat with the utmost care and respect. In honor of your becoming, these are the lenses that filter our decisions and behavior.

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You deserve to know everything we know.

We’ve asked you to share a lot with us, and in return, we’ll do the same. Sometimes transparency can feel awkward or vulnerable, but that's okay. As long as requested information doesn’t compromise the privacy or security of anyone else, we’ll gladly share it. Life is too short to waste it by being indirect, so you can count on us to never sugarcoat things. We’ll always be honest in our estimation of your abilities and potential. After all, you’re here to be catalyzed, not coddled.


You’re here to discover the truth about yourself, so you can expect complete honesty in our estimation of your odds of achieving a particular goal, for example. We’re not interested in wasting your time by sugarcoating things.


We don’t take it for granted that choosing us as your self-actualization guide requires incredible trust. Just as you’ve committed to this process by consistently showing up and investing in yourself, we aim to prove our commitment to you by continually demonstrating openness and honesty in everything we do. We’re your partner in reaching fulfillment, which means we’re just as dedicated to your success as you are.

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Privacy & Security

This is your journey—nobody else’s.

We take every measure to protect your identity and data so that you feel completely secure every step of the way. We never lay eyes on your information, nor do we sell it. Rather, we aggregate the data provided by everyone to understand the best career paths in general, and our tools use your specific information to optimize your unique path. Security and privacy go hand-in-hand. Not only do we keep your data isolated from even our own eyes, but we go to extra lengths to ensure your information is secure in our database.

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Accessibility & Inclusion

Intention, empathy, and understanding drive our thinking and permeate our culture.

We listen to understand so we can anticipate and accommodate your unique needs. No matter your background, learning style, physical or mental ability, we are for you. Here are a few ways we’re committed to accessibility and inclusion:


We use consistent font styles to ensure everyone is able to interact.


We consider how people engage via a variety of devices.

Localization + Internationalization

Our content adapts to meet location-specific language and cultural standards.

Personalization + Customization

You’re unique, which is why we curate content designed just for you, and provide tools that you can customize according to your needs.


We provide definitions for any non-standard terms, such as idioms, jargon, abbreviations and acronyms.

Reading level

When information can’t be personalized, we write at an 8th grade reading level (as defined by the Flesch–Kincaid Readability scale).

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Everything we do is on purpose.

We are strategic and forward-thinking, with you at the center of all our decision making and design. As we encourage you to be intentional in how you spend your time with us, it should be obvious that we apply the same level of thoughtfulness to our end of the deal. You deserve the best from us. Here are the criteria that define our “best:


Our platform is easy to use, consistent, and feels effortless for anyone.


Our content is intentional, thoughtful, and insightful.


Our tools accurately represent the exams, jobs, and careers we present to you.


We take every opportunity to provide education that builds deeper understanding.

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Become is for everyone. All people can utilize our services and should be provided with a consistent experience. Universal design is design which makes everything accessible to all people, regardless of age, disability or other factors.

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