There’s nobody quite like you.

Someone as unique as you deserves unbiased guidance that’s tailored to your specific passions and strengths. Start adulthood on the right track: the one that’s designed and chosen by you.

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Find the future of your dreams.

The world is your oyster, but sometimes that oyster feels a little overwhelming. Narrow down the options. Explore paths you likely haven’t considered and learn more about those you have. Then, get matched with the right degree, certification, college, or career path that will empower you to find self-fulfillment.

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Who will you be?

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Navigate your school and career journey.

It’s one thing to know what you want, it’s another thing to know how to get it. Formulate a plan of action that leverages your strengths to reach your goals. Already know what steps to take, but need help along the way? Get confidence-boosting guidance for things like exam prep so you pass with flying colors.

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Keep track of your wins.

Life goes by fast—it can be easy to forget how you’ve spent it. You might overlook the significance of some classes you really engaged with or interests that once lit you on fire. See a 360° view of yourself: your behavior, activities, goals, and life events. These archives of you hold the clues and keys to your future self.

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All the places you have been

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Connect with people who can help.

Your journey is yours alone, but you don’t have to do it alone. Meet peers and mentors who truly understand your journey and can offer helpful insight through their own experiences. You can also find a tutor or advisor for support and specialized knowledge to get you to your next step. Join or build a community with other energized, interesting students who will remind you why you’re here and where you’re headed.

Everyone you know

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Explore on your own terms.

Guidance is great, but you know what else is pretty great? Exploring without constraints. This is your unrestricted directory for unleashing your college and career curiosity. Peruse potential schools, jobs, and all the relevant degrees and exams that go along with them.

Do you teach a class of students?

You work hard to set your students up for success, but there’s only so much time in the day. Help them help themselves with tools that steer them toward their brightest possible future.


Are you a caretaker of a student?

For families and caretakers, there’s no greater joy than a happy child. Now, you can feel confident they’ll find their way to educational, career, and life fulfillment.

Work in school administration?

Help lighten the load for your teachers and cultivate purposeful young people with a suite of tools that offer customized guidance.


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