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Downsize your to-do list.

Finding—and keeping—good people is hard work. Reduce your workload with management tools that span the entire hiring process and beyond.

Employee Manager

Your people are fully-fledged humans with goals both in and outside the organization. Learn what makes them tick and get clarity on how you can help them develop. Manage compliance requirements like training certifications, track employee performance against goals, and get employee feedback to understand how to improve.


Feedback Manager

Help those around you grow by capturing feedback and providing evaluations. Build and schedule feedback surveys and know who has responded so you can remind those who haven’t.

Job Manager

Know your needs. Identify gaps in your current workforce, optimize your teams, and quickly access and update current job descriptions, responsibilities and skills.

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Accepting outside help requires trust, especially when it comes to your people. Just as you’ve been open and honest about your organization’s needs, you can expect the same in return.

Applicant Manager

Let them know you’re interested. When you identify the perfect candidate for your job, they’ll get a notification. They can decide whether to pursue your opportunity by applying. Easily coordinate a meeting time with anyone who needs to attend the interview.

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Onboard Manager

Automate the time-intensive process of onboarding a new hire. Capture all the information you need, share access to documents, and digitally sign and store contracts for easy reference anytime.

Schedule Manager

Coordinate with everyone simultaneously. Whether you’re scheduling an interview or setting up a meeting, your appointment shows up in your timelines so nobody has an excuse to be late.

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