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Learn from your past. Maximize your future.

Your patterns inform the blueprint for your future. Keeper is the handy catchall for your past and present activities, aspirations, and mental maps—use it when you make your next move.


Celebrate your success and learn from your shortcomings. Keep track of all of your awards, milestones reached, and proud moments along the way, and also note where you fell short. Take time to see how far you’ve come, and notice how your goals have evolved over time. Your ambition tells the story of potential future success.



How you spend today will shape who you become tomorrow. Keep track of your hobbies, that great book you read, your trips across the world, or those cooking skills you picked up over quarantine.


Build a detailed timeline of your professional journey. As you grow your skill set, prepare to ask for a raise, or consider a new role, make sure you account for all your qualifications.


What drives your behavior usually isn’t obvious. To gain a better understanding of yourself, capture how you think and feel throughout your journey. Revisit your emotions, ideas and observations along the way, and reevaluate your dreams and goals as you grow. Your revelations will be instrumental in choosing your next steps.

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